Friday, April 24, 2009


Who is that person staring back at me in my mirror. More defined features, pronounced cheekbones, collarbones................who is that person. Because while her features look familuar, I don't think I know her.
I find my self stairing at my reflection more. It was so hard in the past to look, and be positive about the person looking back. I didn't like her, and I was disappointed with how she looked.
I am told several times a day how wonderful I look. How did I do it? Ect. I am forward with my responce, and tell the truth. I had surgery. Never once have I got a negative comment. AS a matter of fact, I am sometimes asked, Can you help me? And I do!
I am more comfortable in my body now. There are areas that aren't so flattering and with time, exercize and some money, I will be the person beneith this extra skin. Hearing compliments from people is great. But honestly, what was so wrong with me in the past. Was I not the same person. Friendly, outgoing, the ball of sunshine I am! I haven't changed anything about my personality, maybe a little more confident, but physically I have changed for the better.
What I am trying to say is, that with change comes new views. I don't see my self yet, because I am still evolving. The changes that are taking place are great, but at the same time scary. I am proud with my accomplishments, and how I have adjusted to this new life. I call out my new victories...........they need to be treasured, and celebrated.
I hope that this reflection of my reflection helps. It is hard to write about how I am changing as it is happening. I am about 13lbs away from my first real goal. I will be 199. I haven't been that weight in a long time. It seems so close...........yet so far. One day at a pound at a time too!
Thank you for following my journey!