Monday, June 29, 2009


I have finally hit my biggest goal ever! I am in the 100's!
I am so happy and I am now only about 60lbs from my goal!
I can't remember the last time I weighed this weight.

I know that I am still over weight, but i have a BMI of 33, and my current weight today was 196.

I am making is possible!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer time, and new things

Ohhhh I love summer. The green grass, the flowers blooming, kids playing outside. Laughs of out door play.......splasing in the pool.............
It is a whole new world out there for me. I never liked the pool before. Gross bathing suits, and cover ups that were non to flattering. But because I am a mom of four, I can't say no to the kids.
So this year is different. I didn't need a new suit. Because my old ones fit perfectly. They are so nicer looking too now that I don't have spillage too.

I remember thinking about one thing that I never got to do as an adult.......... Shop in Victoria Secret. While doing some much needed shopping one day, I ventured in to the pink store. Oh the pretty bras and intamate apparel. I kindly asked one of the sales girls to fit me for a new bra. I did need a few, but I from here will be fine. So she took her tape, and measured me 3 times. Gave me the measurement, and she proceded to look for my size. She hurried back with 4 different styles, and gave me her opinion on a few. I tried them all on, and made my selection. My day changed from ok to fantastic. After paying for my new purple bra, I made for the nearest bathroom to adone my new acquisition.......... I walked out and my hubby saw my smile. He knew that this was long awaited. It felt good to feel pretty underneith.
I wanted to walk around all day with no shirt on, and show it to the world, but that would be illegal in most states. So I walked around with my shoulders back, my head held high, and my breasts where they should be. That was enough to make my day so wonderful.

I am currently in a 14/16. I have never been able to fit that size since high school. Thrift stores have become my new fav place to shop because I refuse to spend full price on new clothes when I will need to only buy new one in about 15- 20 lbs again. So I find what I need, and donate the rest. I am so happy to feel this good.

I am still getting used to my new reflection.........but I am beginning to like her a lot. She is more confident, and happier. It's about time I feel like me again.

I am sorry I don't post alot. But with 4 kids, and getting ready for my darling husband to deploy again, I have no time. I want to spend as much time with the kids and him so we can hold on to the memories, and recall those later while he is gone. But I do have another post I am working on. I will work on that and get it out this week or the beginning of next.
Thanks all!