Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fear of this being just a dream......

Lately, I have been worried about what the future holds. I see that I am holding steady, and losing now is slow because now it is all on exercise and keeping up with that. I have been going about 3 times a week, so I think that is a good thing. But I fear that a complication will develop and I will lose my band, and go back to that size I was. I have learned so much about dieting and working out, so I know I would give it a good fight, but still I am so scared that I will gain all I lost. I hope that this fear is normal as others have dealt with this feeling. I sometimes think I am going to wake up and this was all a dream too. I can't bare to think about what if I didn't do this life changing surgery...........It is to hard not to.

Now for some hopeful news. I have been talking to my nutritionist and told them about an idea. I would like to talk to the ones who are thinking about or in process of having WLS. I wish someone talked to me. I am not going to lecture but I want to show them some of the feelings, regret, and the empowerment they might feel. I also want to show them the pictures, and how much they are going to change and if they go home, like I did, they might no be recognized, and have to say hello and give people a few minutes to put 2 and 2 together. Well the girls loved it and it is in the works. I am going to write out what I would like to say. So I would like help about some of the feelings you might have had. Thats if you would like to share. If you have any ideas about what to talk about, or what might not be good to talk about. I just want to show them that there are so many different feelings, and that it is a process. Might not all deal with them personally, but good to know about them.

Thank you all for reading. I hope all of you are well.


  1. That sounds like a great idea- talking to other ppl who are soon to be banded.

    I get to do that informally- I got to an in-person support group and I am one of the younger members there and for the last 3 meetings I have been one of few banded women there so I kind of had centre stage- whether I wanted it or not.

    But it was awesome to see their faces light up when I talked about life with the band and how happy I am. Because this is one thing in life that I feel totally comfortable recommending and I think most people will be happy, too!

    I hope you get the opportunity to do that!

    The exercise sounds great!

  2. I think I am close to where I will ultimately wind up in my weight loss too. It is 'all on exercise' for me too like you said. I understand your concerns about feeling like you'll lose the band; it is anxiety-inducing. Ugh!

  3. I worry about something going wrong too. So far, so good though (knock wood!). This is part of the reason that I went so long (11 months) without another fill. I'm afraid of getting too tight and risking a slip (and I was still losing, so I didn't see a need to fill). I do rely on my band and am afraid to see what would happen with my weight if I had to give it up!

  4. You don't have to be afraid of something that you can control in due time. Phoenix lap band surgeons said that, you just have to deal with your daily diet and a bit of exercise(enough to sweat) and make sure to monitor you food intake, have some reviews, tackle your case with another patient, timely check ups, and discipline. None of these tasks are bad for us right? its just like a guide to do the right thing.

  5. I think people need to know that the lap band does work don't listen to nay sayers. Many people warned me against the lap band, but all I can say is they must have not been doing the things they are suppose to. You will deffinetly lose weight having lap band surgery. It is not a miricle though it is hard work. If, you don't want to have to do anything you will not succeed. Also I am wondering why you think you might lose your band?