Wednesday, July 4, 2012

8 weeks post sleeve and going strong

   Today is the 4th of July, America's Independence Day. It is also a special day as I have lost 36lbs since May 1st. I feel wonderful and have my energy back. I am happier than I was but not back to what I was when I was so close to my goal weight with the lap band. While I am thrilled with my progress, in the back of my mind I worry that I will fail this too.
   I have a wonderful support group at the hospital I had my procedure at. I met a wonderful fellow sleever and we meet several times a week at the gym on post.
   If you have ever struggled with weight and the obsession of food.......then you know my life. I will never be cured of my perception of my body but I know that what looks back at me is reality and I have to make sure that I do not obsess about the my faults but praise over my accomplishments. It is something that takes time and not better in a few days, months but can take a long time to work on.
   I have a wonderful family support as well as a few who I work with that have a different weight loss surgeries. I thank GOD for placing them in my path to be support and references. GOD is good and he is my # 1 supporter.

                                            This picture was taken 5April, and 32 days before my surgery.

   My husband is my cheerleader. Especially when I do not want to go to the gym or work out. He has been patient and kind throughout my ups and downs. He does not know how much I need him to continue his overwhelming love and support.
April 5th 
                                                           Post op day 4 ( i think)

                                                          28 May
                                                                June 2nd
                                                                   Mid June
                                                             24 June
                                                                 29 June
                                                                    30 June
                                                              30 June

Here are some pictures of my progress. I have to keep reminding my self that this is a work in progress and as rome was not built in one day, I will not lose it in one day either.

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