Sunday, July 22, 2012

Close to ONEDERLAND!!!

          I wake up every morning and get dressed, brush hair, teeth, and head out the door for the daily grind of work. About 5 times a week I now add a few hours at night to the gym.  I love working out with my fellow sleeve friend Megan.  We get each other and have the same struggles that we have worked on overcoming. I work out harder with her for some reason.  So happy to share feelings and frustrations with someone who relates and understands.  I look forward to our workouts, but there are nights that I just want to stay in my recliner and vegg, but doing that got me over 200lbs again.  However when I am returning home from a kick ass workout I am invigorated and pumped full of energy. I have the music up and windows down and singing praise songs because I know I once again I did not stay in that chair. I GOT UP AND BURNED CALORIES.
         It is so funny how every day while driving I begin my next post in my head, but when I get in front of my laptop I forget it all. I have so much to share and say. So I am going to try to remember what I want to type out.
         I got new sneakers. Not a big deal for most, Right? Well about a week ago I thought I would go for a walk/run. I woke up the next morning in agony. Shin splints........Never under estimate the value of a good pair of running shoes. A few nights later I went to Academy and tried on several pairs of shoes. I finally got my decision down to a pair of hot pink and black saucony shoes. That night with the iphone buds in my ears, and my music playing I ran again.  The next pain!!
I have ran 3 times this week. While I wish it was consistent running I am working on my pace, and endurance. It is tough and I am being to hard on myself.  Tonight my husband joined me and he gave me a little goal to work on over the course of the next 2 weeks. I should be able to run the full area where we live with out breaking to a walk pace. I am indeed up on the challenge. I should have asked what do I get if I accomplish it. But see, what I will get is the ability to run with out heavy breathing and feeling like I am gonna die. I will get the joy of being a runner. The joy of seeing my pounds fall off with every hit of my foot to the pavement. So while I won't receive anything like a gift, what I will get is a healthier body.
    Being so close to weighing in the 100's again is a great push for me. I want to be closer to a normal BMI.  If that means me working out hard and long..........sign me up. I will do it, and keep the past behind me as I lose each pound. Thank you for reading. If there are any readers.


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  1. Thank you for sharing!! I am very proud of you to making a commitment to loose weight and being healthy. That is awesome and keep up the GREAT work!!!