Saturday, July 28, 2012

In the 100's!!

The one on the left was july 13th and the other one is today

               I have been here before...... and I remember that feeling when I hit it the first time. Still feels good, and I never want to be in the 200's again. In the past 4 weeks I have been hitting the gym hard, and if I didn't make it to the gym I would run around my subdivision. I refuse to sit and not do anything...... because if I do, I will not lose the weight. I have to workout or I will not see a change on the scale.
            While I try not to focus on the number on the scale so much, I have turned my attention to the difference I see in the pictures. I love the changes I see. Collar bone, sculpted neck with no double chin, and mostly the fact that my arms aren't so bulky.  I will never have thin upper arms, but I can define them and make them better.
          Eating is still a challenge. I have the size of a 2 ounce stomach. I feel full just after a few bites. The bulk of my diet is in protein drinks and frequent meals. I know when I haven't consumed enough or if it has been to long since my last meal as I get dizzy or light headed. I also have to get in at least 64 ounces of water a day. I get it in as I refuse to become dehydrated. That makes me feel nauseous and not wanting to eat.  I rarely feel hungry. So I rely on my daily journal and my cues from my body.
              Vitamins are so important also.  I have to take 2 children's chewable with iron. Along with calcium with vitamin d. I am deficient in vitamin d. The nutritionist said that many obese people are because we can't absorb it like normal weight people. I know with losing over 30% of my body fat I hope that when they check me again this will no longer be the case.
               I see my general surgeon on the 8th of august and I am sure he will be pleased with the numbers on the scale. I was thrilled with the fact that I hit onderland that I went down to my nutritionist and share with her my accomplishment. I got a huge hug and she was happy for me as well.

                     I have a great time working out. I take pride in the moment and machine is an addition to the tool that has been given to me. I am very lucky and I know just how lucky I am . I will live each day and remind my self how different it could have been. I may struggle but at least I know I am still alive and here for the now and the future!

     Thank you for reading!!!

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  1. I would love to be one of your followers, but darn blogger won't let me for some odd reasons...hmm. darn technology.

    Anyways, you're looking good in that pic :) Well done working out too! :) keep going.